Just a stone’s throw from Ghent, located in a very rural area and abounding with nature, you discover the magnificent Castle of Laarne. The foundation stone for this medieval fortress was laid more than 700 years ago.  The round spire towers, together with the impressive donjon, are a legacy of this period. Over the centuries, the Castle was forcefully transformed, and in the 17th century, it was grown into an attractive summer residence for noblemen, the so called “maison de pleasance”. Even today, when entering the castle, you will find yourself immersed in no less than 700 years of history.

Inside the castle, you will discover an elegant and traditional style of decoration, which is exactly what you expect of a castle.  It still reveals its secrets through rooms furnished with outstanding furniture, tapestries, paintings, together with the renowned silver collection composed of a donation made by Claude Dallemagne, one of the greatest collectors and connoisseurs ever. The castle is open to the public. Visits are individually or for groups.  On top, it is the place to be for team building activities, Staff meetings, ceremonies, receptions, photo-shoots, events, children’s birthdays and more… Just a few of our assets: its unique setting and our broad portfolio, combined with the easy access from Ghent. 3 Ideal ingredients to make Laarne Castle your dreamed-of location!

Visit Laarne Castle, the perfect place to make wonderful memories!



The castle is temporarily closed until the 3rd of May 2020.





Whether you need to host a meeting, entertain clients, arrange interviews or organize a training session, either the Castle or the Pavilion can be suitable for your requirements.

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Do you have something to celebrate? In the Castle you surely will find a space that fits your needs. Everything is possible as per your request.

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Looking for a teambuilding? An original day trip with family or friends? A children’s birthday party? Something else?

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No one can deny that the thought of tying the knot inside a historical castle is a wedding goal! Laarne castle is the perfect venue for a fairytale style wedding shoot!

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